Jaroslav Válek

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Jaroslav Válek, born in 1954 in Uherské Hradiště, was growing in environment with blacksmith´s family tradition. After his graduation at (SPŠ Strojní?) he worked as an art blacksmith in „The Union of Blacksmiths“ in Prague. For begining (s) of his creation had great importance his friendship with the sculptor Karel Nepraš – after 1989 professor of the Academy of Fine Arts.

His membership in ABANA (Artist-blacksmiths' Association of North America) gave him a possibility to visit the USA and (stáž?) at the sculptors Leonard Urso and Albert Paley (Rochester, NY). Also his aquaintance with work of american sculptors David Smith and Alexander Calder helped him to find own way and possibility which could give him steel as a basic material for his work. To naturality of Jaroslav Válek suits modernistic (bauhausovský?) approach to the art characteristic of its creativity, originality and fidelity to material.

So the fundamental subsatnce of Jaroslav Válek is iron, which offers unlimited possibilities of work with shape and its face covered by rust, colored oxides or mirrored glance in rustless steel.

Because at the begining of road through sphere of art was the well mastered craft prominent part of Jaroslav Válek´s creation is figural sculpture themed by human tragicomedy, with the help of these sculptures he entered in the privaty of supporters his art expression. However he is headed to evermore minimalistic forms, in which is fundamental theme of his non-figural sculptures confrontation of geometrical shape with its deformation. It means: To confront space rule of orderlines and everlasting chaos of a human. These creative principles he uses also for his jewellery made of stainless steel.

For surface finishing of his iron sculptures and objects he utilies physical chemical technique, result of this technique is depthly disturbed (sur)face of metal, which appears in the area of engeneering like a ill-famed effect called cavitation (etching).

By the using the cavitational etching over the varnish shelter, which is placed on the steel metal plant originate the graphical boards with dramatically deep line of etching trace.

These he uses for graphical technique of blind blocking or for coloured embossed prints, which have character of monotype.

Central motives of Válek´s prints are minimalistic themes implied from nature, which lead to the abstract conception offered by the micro and macro world.

Jaroslav Válek was awarded for prints made by this technique at the bienale of prints „Grafix-Břeclav 2003“ under the patronage of Moravská galerie Brno.

His works could be find mainly in the private collections in the Czech republic and also abroad. Along the years he has taken part in a lot of exhibitions and has arranged more than ten autorship exhibitions. He has worked on the interiers for Old-Catholic church and he has also made insignias for bishop of this church. He is author of prices, which are annually awarded by the association of Czech film clubs. He has also made the price of onlookers of Alfréd Radok.

The Prague gallery Vltavín, with which he is along the years in cooperation, issued the monography of his 25 years of his art activity. (Chalupa, J.: Jaroslav Válek – Železo a papír. Praha, Vltavín 2003.).

Pozvánka na výstavu a vernisáž 2018

Pozvánka na výstavu a vernisáž 2014

Jaroslav Válek, Partyzánská 914, 698 01 Veselí nad Moravou
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